Who We Are

Beyond supporting economic stability and growth, our ethos is to build communities that will be safe, enduring and resilient for our families, friends and neighbors to live and work together now, and into the future. With every project we design, build or inspect, we think of our loved ones crossing these highways or bridges, attending these schools or visiting these healthcare facilities or public facilities.

At MP Engineers + Architects we continue to evolve and grow, preparing and training our teams for what’s next. As engineers and architects, we know we need to stay agile, ready to deal with real-world scenarios as they occur, constantly adapting to meet the fluctuating needs of our society and environment, always vigilant to helping safeguard our communities.

Employing over 100 engineers and architects, we are planning, designing more sustainable communities, including bridges, rail transit facilities, streets, highways, utilities, commercial buildings, courts, office buildings, correctional facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and universities. At MP Engineers + Architects we are building the future forward, today.

What We Do

MP Engineers + Architects was founded in 2006 as a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, offering expertise in architecture, structural/civil engineering, construction management/inspection and special inspections (accredited by the IAS). Registered as a professional engineering firm in the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, we currently serve both private and public sector clients in the tri-state area. MP Engineers + Architects is a certified MBE/DBE/SBE firm with all major agencies in the tri-state area. We are currently expanding into other metropolitan areas and states across the US.

Our Vision is to inspire lasting partnerships
that engage forward thinking-professionals
in the creation of aesthetic,
sustainable and resilient communities
where we can live, grow and work together.
Our Values :
Our Mission is to build future communities
by empowering our teams with proprietary processes
and enduring technologies to anticipate,
prepare and respond to the
ever-changing challenges of our society.