NYCHA, Special Inspections, Expediting and Testing Services

New York City

Client: New York City Housing Authority Owner Name: New York City Housing Authority

MP Engineers is providing Special Inspection services on an as-needed basis under a two-year term agreement with New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). All task-orders are issued by NYCHA’s Capital Projects Division. Projects for capital improvements consist of masonry and exterior brick work, roof replacement, boiler replacement, balcony repair, and other ancillary repair work. 

MP Engineers is responsible for performing all NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) required Special, Progress and Final Inspections in accordance with the Building Code, the New York City Construction Code, the Administrative Code of New York, the RCNY, the New York City Energy Code, and all other applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations.

These inspections are identified by the DOB at the time of Plan Approval, and also include Required Items for Permits and the final Sign-off prior to the DOB issuance of Certificate of Occupancy. MPE prepares and submits all required Inspection Reports and prepares all preliminary and final DOB Technical Reports (TR-1 & TR-8) required for Final Sign-off.

Created in 1934, NYCHA is the largest public housing authority in North America and operates 334 housing Developments throughout the five boroughs of New York City. NYCHA also oversees a network of over 400 community facilities that includes community centers, senior centers, health care centers, day care centers, and Head Start educational centers.

To date, MP Engineers has been awarded the following task-orders: 

  • Cassidy-Lafayette Houses
  • Linden Houses, Local Law 11
  • Various Bronx and Manhattan Developments, Local Law 11
  • Jackie Robinson Houses
  • Sotomayor Houses
  • Cypress Hills Houses
  • Tilden Houses
  • St. Nicholas Houses
  • Alfred E. Smith Houses
  • Bay View Houses
  • Special Inspections